Maximum IT security around the clock

Security systems must be kept up to date, keep it running smoothly. For permanent ensure a maximum level of safety TELCO TECH offers its customers under the name of "Managed Security Service" permanent care, monitoring and maintenance of complete IT security and adapting to the current needs of. Highly qualified and experienced specialists help customers of all sizes not only in the traditional IT security tasks such as backup, monitoring of networks or spam filtering, but also help to prevent legal problems.

Your advantages to better protect your IT:


Access to expert know-how in IT security

Relief of the IT department

• Defined response times (SLA optional or around the clock)

• Fast recovery time

Proactive notification

• Includes unlimited rule changes the firewall


How does managed security services with TELCO TECH?


TELCO TECH administered and managed security systems in / on customer networks. According to the selected functions firewall, VPN, routing, IDS (Intrusion Detection System), content filtering and virus protection can be implemented. The protected networks must be connected to its own official IP address  to the Internet permanently or accessible through services such as DynDNS. The initial configuration (creation of rules) by the TELCO TECH GmbH on the basis of the valid policy according to the specifications of the customer.

Benefit from our expertise and save resources at the same time and money!


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