In order to meet modern safety requirements in companies a number of security incidents from a variety of software solutions and equipment is recorded. LogApp is an appliance solution that collects these events from Windows and Linux systems, and network devices and analyzed. In addition, the LiSS logApp can be extended by the module HoneyApp, so malicious software and attackers are found reliably in their own ranks. Through a sophisticated correlation engine LiSS logapp is capable to detect correlations in real time and alert. Compliance requirements are covered by the full and tamper-proof archiving with extensive reporting options.


Core Features

  • centralized management using tamper-proof archiving
  • Android / iPhone App
  • comprehensive reporting (Enterprise Reporting Services)
  • LogAgents for Windows and Linux
  • Connection of network devices of all kinds on the syslog LogAgent
  • comprehensive monitoring of different network segments via an encrypted VPN tunnel
  • Alarm by e-mail or alert messaging server
  • Messaging Server (SMS, Voice)

Webinterface for monitoring

  • easy administration of LogAgents Apps and Honey
  • User and group management with Active Directory connection
  • extensive filtering and search functions
  • client capability
  • Geotracking of LogAgents Honey and Apps
  • Multi language support

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