Monitoring Networks


The monitoring of the network is one of the major challenges in IT security. With a LiSS system different modes of operation of security monitoring are possible.



The HTTPS proxy allows the decryption of HTTPS traffic. So encrypted traffic can be filtered and scanned for viruses. The HTTPS connection to the proxy is shared into two connection components. In between are the data. For the connection from the HTTPS proxy to the browser, the proxy creates a new certificate that is signed with its CA certificate by the proxy itself. Such signature certificates are available from TELCO TECH.

With the LiSS device it is possible to check faulty certificates from HTTPS web pages and reject if necessary. Incorrect certificates are certificates that are not trusted and signed by any official authority.



SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol. This is a protocol used to control various network elements from a central location and monitored. LiSS device with an configured SNMP can send status messages via the MD5 authentication method for a monitoring program. So it is possible to evaluate data on the CPU, RAM, storage, network interface utilization and uptime


Diagnostics Analysis

Diagnostic analysis includes reports on the individual components and system logs. Here, the live log mode is enabled in the log view for permanent monitoring.


High Availability

By using the high availability alerts are used by SMTP. Thus, the failover system is configured so that it sends an email to the technician at each change of a LiSS device to another.

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