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Almost daily CEO and IT managers face new challenges in network security, triggered by economic espionage or sabotage, misuse of the Internet or copyright infringement. The IT infrastructure should always be checked for their functionality and security. There are several tools for automatic security and penetration tests available that provide individually for parts usable results. Unfortunately, so far no system is still able to bring together qualified individual results in the context of the studied organization. However, to achieve and to derive concrete proposals and measures the required security level, this know-how is necessary.


Our approach:


So you can be absolutely sure TELCO TECH take through special security checks. Experienced Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) execute network analysis in close cooperation with technical manager, evaluate them and deflect the results of concrete recommendations for action. Practical, feasible solutions always stand at the forefront. The aim is to recognize and minimize security risks expected with a reasonable effort and to achieve maximum data security and network infrastructure.


Scope and duration of security checks depend largely on the circumstances of a given infrastructure and the availability and timeliness of appropriate network documentation. In practice, a two-step method has been proven.


Level 1: Security Basic Check - Analysis


Security systems and components of the network are examined against known attacks for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and vulnerability. Network connected systems (computers, printers, etc.) and device parameters or software release levels are recorded and documented.

Results: Analysis of data backup and disaster recovery concepts



  • preparatory meeting
  • risk analysis
  • Analysis of the protection and safety mechanism
  • Evaluation and recommendations for action



Duration: 1 day


Level 2: Security Certification


Scope and content of security Certification can be agreed on customer specifications. The analysis and evaluation carry out by experienced Certified Information Security Manager. In coordination with the clients support until build and certification of information security management system (ISMS short) can be agreed.



  • Erfassung und Dokumentation der Netzwerktopologie
  • Collection and documentation of the network topology
  • Plausibility check of the firewall rules
  • Analysis / review / evaluation of the Security Policy
  • Detection of the release versions of the system components


  • Analysis of server services / proposals for consolidation
  • Traffic analysis and evaluation
  • Training of employees
  • certification


Duration: by appointment

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