Secure Networks

Nowadays the Internet is the most important communication and business platform for companies and a broadband Internet connection and almost everywhere an integral part of the local IT infrastructure. However, due to the constant expansion of IT-based information and communication systems arise more and more complex network infrastructures. The criminal potential is steadily increasing and the attackers act more professional. Companies are often not adequately prepared and thus vulnerable to attacks.

Cyberspace dangers lurking everywhere


Over unsecured access not authorized people can access sensitive corporate data or attack critical internal IT systems. To protect against such threats firewall systems are used at the interfaces between the networks, such as between the Internet and the corporate network. On these key control points regulate, monitor and log them all the traffic.

Completely protected with LiSS products and services

For network security TELCO TECH has developed the LiSS Series systems. LiSS provide a comprehensive combination of state fo the art firewall and security technology. Port-based packet filtering and stateful inspection firewall [link to glossary] prevent unauthorized access to computers and IT systems. Additional security is guaranteed by the firewall at the application level, the so called Application Level Gateway (ALG) [link to glossary]. All LiSS firewall products are equipped with intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS) detect hacker attacks based on known attack signatures and automatically initiate appropriate countermeasures for defense.


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