Effective Defense against Espionage and Sabotage


Trading in stolen corporate confidential data has increased enormously - primarily from financial interests. But nowadays are not only financial institutions a popular destination of data theft, but now it affects all industries. Effective protection against unauthorized access and data theft makes the concept of multi-level security LiSS.


Hardware Write Protection

PCs and notebooks are particularly at risk. A key switch on the front panel can help. The switch prevents write access to the configuration data. Access is achieved via an adjustment of the file system driver and thus the configuration data can not be manipulated.


Administration Security

The administration is done over a secure HTTPS connection. There are no further additions or backdoors to the system. The establishment of various identifiers administrators with different privileges e. g. the read-only access to the system for specific employees, such as for viewing reports or statistics. For safety reasons, a session ends if not used after 15 minutes. After this deadline a re-registration is required.


Defense Software

All LiSS systems have a deep package inspection filter searches all approved data packets for malicious software and potentially dangerous actions. The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) detects and prevents attacks on the licensed communication channels on existing resources.

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