The evil attracs the honey pot


LiSS Honey application is a complementary security tool, which will be revealed malicious software and attackers in their own ranks very reliable. The software follows the principle of honeypots (honey pot). Attackers are not searching, but luring. Positioned at strategic points in the network software agents simulate important tasks. The attackers are compromised by the IT honeypot first and therfore visible.

HoneyApp100 is characterized by low power consumption and is therefore especially suitable for outdoor locations. HoneyApp1000 and HoneyApp500 designed specifically for high performance requirements in the data center and in larger environments. The embedded version of HoneyApp100i has no moving parts and therefore perfect for monitoring of production and industrial facilities.

The Honey apps can be run as a virtual machine (VM). All HoneyApp models support monitoring of different VLANs.



Main functions of LiSS HoneyApp

  • Signature-independent detection and alerting of attacks
  • Location of infected systems in the own network
  • Early detection of virus outbreaks
  • Distraction of the attacker who attack productive systems

 Highlights & Features

  • Monitoring of production control systems, medical environments and other safety-critical systems
  • Encrypted communication over VPN tunnel between HoneyApp and Logapp
  • No geographical restrictions on the placement of Honey Apps
  • Integration of different Honeypot services as Dionaea, Amun and the iQSol development insidiator

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