Automated and mobile alerting in case of crisis


LiSS Alert Messaging Server (LiSS AMS) is a fully customizable security alarm system in high-availability environments for administrators. In case of failure cases and events from the IT systems with LiSS AMS can be implemented a cross-departmental strategy of escalation via email, SMS or voice. This process is documented - in a matter of seconds you can start troubleshooting. LiSS AMS completed the measures for compliance tailored IT security strategy for businesses.



Main functions of LiSS AMS

  • Alerts via email / sms / phone call
  • Alarm confirmation by email / sms / web Console
  • Creation of work schedules

 Highlights & Features

  • Escalation procedures
  • Client capability    
  • High Availability
  • Action after alarm acknowledgment
  • Alarm profiles with different alarm times (for email/ sms / voice)
  • Define users and user roles
  • Alarm & audit logging
  • Administration with web console
  • AD / LDAP integration
  • Mass mailing
  • Linux / Unix client
  • Follow-the-sun support
  • Reporting

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