Internet security to go - The little one very large

The LiSS 500 is the smallest unit of internet security appliances.  According to the slogan "connect and go" TELCO TECH has developed this device, which is designed especially for small businesses, or for connection of branch offices. Even users with no prior knowledge can set up a secure internet connection with LiSS 500.


Main functions of LiSS 500

  • Centralized IP gateway
  • Extensive firewall function (SNAT, DNAT, netmapping, logging)
  • VPN gateway

 Highlights & Features

  • Performant architecture
  • 3 x GBit interfaces
  • Services-based packet filter
  • Stateful inspection firewall
  • Internet connection via router or PPPoE
  • Administration via the https web interface
  • IPsec VPN gateway


Download datasheet (PDF)


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