Security without gaps

The LiSS 1000 is not limited to the number of clients. Should increase the number of employees or adding more locations, the company is still fully protected by LiSS 1000.


Main functions of LiSS 1000

  • Up to two external lines (policy based routing)
  • No follow-up costs due to software updates or support
  • No hidden "back doors"
  • German and english configuration interface
    (via browser, https)

(*) Additional modules:

  • ISCA URL filtering
  • VLAN-Modul

 Highlights & Features

  • 4x Ethernet interfaces (10/100/1000 MBit/s)
  • Any interface configuration (routing, bridge, VLAN*)
  • Multi stateful inspection firewall (IP tables, masquerading, portforwarding, antispoofing)
  • Diagnostic-Tool (Qualified evaluation of log files, network analysis tools)
  • User based application level gateway (content filtering)
  • Caching DNS Proxy
  • Dynamic DNS
  • DSL router
  • DHCP Server
  • Full-fledged time server (NTP)
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Plausibility check of data entry
  • Single-sign-on in the filter module
  • Updates via internet
  • Hardware write protection
  • Free bugfixservice
  • Backup feature for all configuration data
  • Detailed logging
  • Comprehensive documentation and diagnostic tools
  • Filter module with anti-virus and anti-spam
  • VPN module
  • Prioritization  / QoS
  • Slim line system


Download datasheet (PDF)

(*) extra costs


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