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The IT Security Academy is the training and competence center of the TELCO TECH GmbH - one of the few German manufacturer of scalable IT security systems. The Security Academy has set itself the goal, in addition to the exchange of specialist knowledge in the field of IT security awareness, to sharpen the essential importance of a secure IT operations for the company, all those involved, from the management to the user.

The individual seminar topics are geared to the specific skills and information needs of employees, business guides, administrators or security officer in companies and public administrations.
They range from awareness-raising seminars for employees on training on our products, attack mechanisms, encryption and data integrity concepts to data protection training.


The courses are offered in three categories:

product training

General IT Security Training

Training on data protection


Find out. On the following pages about current events Learn more about your IT compliance requirements and protect your sensitive data and processes. We support you!


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