Secure data exchange between manufactering, warehouse and administrative

Recent studies show (Verizon DIBR, 2013) that industrial midsized enterprises, meanwhile, are the most interesting target of illegal activities on the Internet. So that governments and authorities themselves were replaced as the most attractive targets. A quarter of intrusions in large computing environments aims directly on the know-how in automation and manufacturing industry. Effective countermeasures and defensive measures are necessary.

In addition, new technologies such as intelligent control technology, mobile communications and control systems, cloud solutions and the increasing networking between management, production and storage require highly secure IT systems that should in no way restrict flexibility and productivity. "Industry 4.0" demands new approaches to IT security. Here it is particularly important to develop a company-wide cross-IT security policy on all management levels and all areas of production. TELCO TECH support industrial companies in the development of appropriate security strategy and the selection and use of appropriate integrated solutions.




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