Networking of branches via VPN


The Internet has become indispensable in today's working life. Whether a large corporation, small business or mid-sized company - the easy and safe access of employees and branch offices is important for all businesses. VPN module made by TELCO TECH offers mobile workers in remote locations secure access to the internal corporate network.


VPN – boundless freedom

LiSS VPN device offers unlimited use: regardless of the type there is no limit to the VPN tunnel. And the maximum number of simultaneously usable VPN tunnel depends on the performance of the hardware and the amount of data that is routed through the VPN tunnel.

Use of the device is also independently. LiSS VPN is compatible with third-party products, and IPSec, AES or 3DES encryption and authentication using x.509 certificates. RSA keys or pre-shared keys provide the necessary security. Furthermore, for the establishment of a VPN tunnel dynamic IP addresses can be used.



With IPsec VPN multiple locations or employees easily be connected of a simple configuration to the corporate office. The IPsec VPN standard allows a connection with extremely high security and good interoperability.



Through the system SSL VPN it is possible to transport private data over public networks. Primarily, it is also suitable for providing mobile clients such as iPhones employees of a network and application access and to allow secure access to the corporate network. On the client, a connection is started and connected to the Internet via the VPN software with the VPN gateway of the company. That consists a connection to the corporate network without the employee ever need to re-dial.


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