Filtering of Web Pages


By using content Filter corporate networks be safe - unnecessary traffic are minimized and improves the performance of the entire network significantly. Web filter examines all web traffic for malicious and inappropriate content and viruses.

Setting up profiles of individual users or groups simplifies the configuration of access rights. At the same time the access is more secure because a user authentication takes place. These profiles contain rules that are used to configure access permissions.


The LiSS systems have several options to choose from. Data can be based on a specific content type, which is determined by the creator of a website,  filtered or the filtering is done based on a specific HTTP header. In addition, the access can be allowed or prohibited on individual URLs or the proxy at certain times.



The ISCA URL filter which the LiSS series systems are equipped can block certain websites by specifying categories. The advantage is that each URL must not be blocked.

So it works: The system asks LiSS in a central database, which categories are assigned to the requested website. Then decide the defined policy, if the website should be displayed or not. All requests for categorization of URLs are sent to the default server and logged in the log file.


The ISCA URL filter is a filter solution from IBM, which has been used for years with much success. Customers need only one license for LiSS devices, which is available as 30-day demo for testing.

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