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Antivirus software is just as important to the power of IT operations as air to breathe these days. TELCO TECH works with the anti-virus, Avira Antivir, eset and Clam AV. All virus scanners can be used in parallel, thus increasing IT security via 4-eyes-principle, especially if new malicious software is developed. Both antivirus programs can be separately turned on and off. The system is therefore always protected.


Permanently up-to-date

The update of the virus definitions are automatically provided and can also be controlled by the system administrator.



Clam AV is a virus scanner, which will be provided by TELCO TECH for free. The antivirus program will automatically update itself with the LiSS firmware update.


ClamAV is one of the most effective virus scanners. The antivirus software can even handle encrypted archives. These archives can not be unpacked and scanned for viruses by normal virus scanners, since the password is unknown. By blocking encrypted archives of the virus scanner can handle the files as a virus, otherwise archives are not scanned for viruses.



Additional security is provided by using of Avira AntiVir. Avira is a worldwide leading provider of anti-virus solutions. The company - made in Germany - is one of the pioneers in this field and have more than twenty years of experience. Appropriate awards and certifications of the Avira products underline the efficiency and core competency of the company.



esets superior detection capabilities and low system requirements of their solutions have, and continue to be recognised by independent anti-malware testing organisations.


Antivirus licenses for the gateway and the entire network can be acquired cost-effectively via TELCO TECH.

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